I’d pay the $36 a ticket just to hear “(I Hate) Everything About You” by Three Days Grace at tonight’s concert with headliner Staind at the Metroplex, starting at 7:30 p.m. Hurt opens the show. Staind’s got more than a few killer songs worth hearing as well. So, it’s a good lineup. Wish it was being playing tonight at the Amphitheatre (but, don’t forget as well that there’s a free movie there).

We caught up last Friday with Three Days Grace’s vocalist and guitarist Adam Gontier while the band was getting ready for a show in Pensacola:


“It’s going great, really good,” he said. “We’ve done about six or seven shows on this tour and Staind, they are great guys, they put on a great show.”

Adam, remembering a show a few years back at Juanita’s, before the band hit it huge with “(I Hate) Everything About You,” and another show a year and a half ago at Alltel Arena headlined by Evanescence, called Little Rock “a pretty rocking town.”


Three Days Grace’s second and newest album is due June 15, and the record’s first single “Animal I Have Become” already has been hitting the airwaves. It’s a power-thumper, anthem-like song.
“In a way the new album is representative of our sound, but in another it’s quite a bit different,” he said. “We worked with a different producer this time around, and after touring for two years we’ve evolved as song writers and as a band this time around. The music is a little differ working with a different producer. It still has the same elements as the first album, heavy at times, light at other times, we just put them down differently.”

So, I had to ask, was “(I Hate) Everything About You” representative of his life. The song could be interpreted as ripping on a girl who had done a guy wrong, but it was actually about dependence, such as on drugs and other negative influences.


“At that point in my life, and our lives, it was representative of us,” Adam said. “It’s funny, different people relate to that song on their own levels and own ways. A lot of people saw it as a relationship song, and a lot of people saw it just basically that there is something in  your life that you don’t need there anymore. So, it is really cool the way it was looked at.”

The newest record got the same treatment as the well-received first, Adam said. “Most of the true fans of the band who bought the first record, the response I heard from the record, they loved the whole record, they didn’t just buy it for one song. We aren’t really like the bands who write 30 or so songs and pick out the best for the album. We sit down and write 11 or 12 songs that are going to be going down on the record. True fans will love it from front to back, and that’s the same with the new record. We sat down and wanted to write 12 world-class songs and I think we have.” 
UPDATE: If you missed the Staind/Three Days Grace show in Little Rock, you can catch both bands at Memphis in May this weekend.