Well, of course AmyB’s gettin’ out tonight. There is a night tonight, right?

Looks like it might be a sort of slow Tuesday, but that’s OK, there’s a
big week ahead. You could also just sit back drink a glass of wine or
three, as there is some good music scheduled.


For my entertainment dollar (I’ve always wanted to say that), reggae,
R&B, cumbia and rap with Fire and Brimstone tonight at Cajun’s (8 p.m.

The always rawdy Rockers Revue tonight at White Water Tavern headlined
by Stifft Station veteran punksters Crisco Kids (free, 10 p.m.).


If you in the mood for atmospheric piano: Rob Moore at the
Afterthought….or our favorite old school rockabilly great Ed Burks at
Easy Street (8 p.m. both places, free both places).

We might just catch that after we take our walk … we’re gonna pop in
the new Yonder Mountain String Band CD in. It’s fantastic, but that’s
no surprise. You know with all these trendy new ways of combining
dance/exercise (strip-aerobics, step-aerobics, breakdance aerobics,
et al.). Wouldn’t it be great if some weirdo invented clog/jig dance
aerobics for the hipster hippies/bluegrass aficionados? Dance a jig,
tone up those thighs. Clog and reduce your cholesterol. It could work!


The CD will be a debut on Vanguard label. Purists be a bit beware: it’s more modern sounding than the few albums I’ve heard, some rock, more modern folk. I’d be interersted to hear what others have to say about it.-AmyB