Still no pizza being served at the new location, which is one floor directly under where I’m typing this. But John and Shirley Iriana say that as soon as a city health inspector can get over to the new venue in the Heritage West building and certify the place, they’ll begin putting slices on plates. Everything is ready; the tables are set as for any normal business day at Iriana’s. The new space is impressive; it’s added about 20 more seats, plus a private “party” room that can handle daily overflow, if need be, and a round table in a secluded far corner that would be great for lunch meetings. The brick of this building on their east inside facing gives the main dining area a nice ambiance against the white-painted columns and ceilings, and every table has somewhat of a window view now, whereas at the old location up Markham Street, only one table had a window and the restaurant had a darker feel. Everything is bright and cheery; it’s easily going to be as nice a restaurant serving up pizza and grinders and salads as any around.

Look for Thursday to be the first day of official business, the Irianas promise. Of course, that’s all depending on that inspection.


One aside; John may have the largest vent in town for the oven he’s needing to vent. The new vent came in twice the size as ordered, and rather than wait FOUR WEEKS (geez) for the right-sized venting, he went ahead with this huge vent and tore out some of the planned kitchen area around the venting. The actual venting pipes will run out under the window of our own Max Brantley. Can you imagine what that daily aroma’s going to do to our boss man? He’s been doing so good on his diet of late.