It’s AmyB, checking in to give you all the wherewithal for hump day, with Riverfest looming around the corner:

The Old Haunts are straight outtta Olympia, Wash.: the place of Nirvana, where the Gossip found a creative vibe, you know, that place. They’ll be at Downtown Music tonight. Simply put: they are a surf-punk garage band that utilizes minor chords and the fuzziness factor up to 11. Check out
Local rock rascals Real Fighting will open at 10 p.m. $5. I still want them to do a cover of Wesley Willis’ “Cut the Mullet”; I think that would be superb.

All-ages week continues at Juanita’s. Bands to see tonight: June, This Day and Age, This Providence, the Forecast. Starts at 7:30 p.m. $8.

Sticky Fingerz brings in Satisfaction for Rolling Stones fans. It’s a tribute band … Whether the resemblance is “uncanny” or not, sounds kind of keen to check out…9 p.m. $5.

He’s been around forever it seems, just a man and his guitar and his cover songs. Bob Hayes is a favorite among the Cajun’s Wharf crowd. Get on out there 8 p.m., $5.

Karaoke round up tonight. Rudy’s Oyster Bar, Parrot Beach Café, On the Rocks, Gusano’s.

I haven’t been to a karaoke night in a while. It takes a lot to get me to go. Last time I went only because my best friend promised to do Weird Al Yankovic songs. And she did. Not to dog the folks that really get into it at all but , “Like a Surgeon,” “Eat It” and ‘I Love Rocky Road” all in one night? that’s what I call KARAOKE.

Big weekend ahead. Kool and the Gang, Del, Dwight, Aaron. I am getting a major hankering for a corn dog, the kind of which you can only find at a fair or festival …