Truth be told, it’s ridiculously busy around here. It always is when a holiday is approaching, as the week is shorter than normal, but the paper and the words that are going in it are the same size. Seems like a lot of entertainment contacts are making it a four-day holiday. As busy as I am, I think AmyB is busier. But she took a few to stop and tell you what you should do tonight in Friday’s edition of Gettin’ Out, the AmyB way:

Well, you know I don’t get a day of for this blog even though, it’s
pretty obvious what you should do today.
This is my plan.
1) Finish blog
2) Finish column
3) Go to Riverfest.
4 ) Get Beer
5) Get Corndog.
6) Get Beer.
7) See Del McCoury.
8) Get Beer
9) Catch last part of Kool and the Gang
7) Get Giant Turkey Leg and Beer.
8) Get Funnel Cake and Beer.
9) Get a Ride.

Remember there’s Twin Spirit (radiant neo soul diva) at Argenta Coffee
(318 Main), and FreeVerse at the Cornerstone Deli on the North

The $10 wristband gets you into all the bars in the River Market
tonight (same thing tomorrow).


I’m really looking forward to some great music and people watching. And
eating lots of food full of carbs.

Have fun tonight.