If you’ve been looking for Amy Brawner’s “Gettin’ Out” blogs about the club scene on Little Rocking and where she thinks you should go, you can find Amy on her own Times blog now.

Tonight, Brian Nahlen’s at Cajun’s, a good show to catch, she says. And we agree. Also, if you haven’t checked out the music and new look at The Afterthought, tonight might be a good time to try. Lots more is coming later in the week, of course; this is Little Rock, after all, where Mondays and Tuesdays are often recuperative days for the hard weekend partiers.

Man, did we ever party this past weekend, with the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies in town late last week. We all did the Picasso exhibit at the Arts Center, then spread out in various directions for dinner (our group did Doe’s, others hit Hillcrest, some did Riverdale) on Friday, and apparently we missed a helluva party on the 14th floor of the Peabody late Friday night (frankly, Markham traffic for Juneteenth was so ridiculous, we gave up and headed home after Doe’s around 11), then the AAN conventioners enjoyed a Flying Fish-catered dinner at the Historic Arkansas Museum on Saturday night, with Jimbo Mathus and Knockdown South providing the entertainment.

Have you heard Mathus (the former frontman of the swinging Squirrel Nut Zippers) in his latest, Clarksdale, Miss., blues creation? He really rocked the joint, though the way things were set up, it was not your typical juke-joint-style of show for the conventioners but more  bluesy background music, and great. A fellow from New Jersey spent most of the night on the second floor with the band, taking in the blues.

Jimbo will be back in town at Sticky Fingerz in a few weeks, and we’ll let you know when that is. Make sure to check him out if you haven’t. The dude understands the Delta dirt blues.