We just fielded a call from one of the five people we know are working today (outside of our own editorial staff, and most of them have left too). She asked, quite nicely, “Jim, is there anything going on in Little Rock tomorrow besides the fireworks?”

Believe it or not, I really had to think for a minute. I could have said that Corky’s is open, and it’s one of our traditional favorite spots to eat on July 4.

Truthfully, there is not a damn thing going on in this sleepy little town on July 4, except for the fireworks, and the big to-do is planning where you’re going to watch them. We saw the David Rosen Orchestra on Sunday at the Blind School’s Woolly Auditorium in their warm-up concert for their lead-in appearance to the Symphony, and they’ve got a great, hour-long set planned. It’s hot, man, like Doc Severinsen and his Orchestra used to crank it on the tonight show. Hopefully they’ll play some of that Steve Allen “Jumpy Blues,” which has a fireworks like feel to it, blasting all over the place, loudly and fun. We know they’re going to do “American Patrol,” which will give you that 1940s feel, and they’ve got an “America the Beautiful/You’re a Grand Ol’ Flag” rendition planned. Michael Underwood rocks on the tuba, all the players are excellent, especially that sax crew, and Brian Withers is the consummate drummer. David Rosen plays a mean solo trumpet to boot.

They start at 7 p.m., the ASO plays at 8, and the Fireworks boom overhead around 9:30 p.m. What we’re suggesting is that you consider getting their early and listen to the music in Riverfront Park. But, it will be broadcast over at the North Shore Riverwalk if you want to set up there. Then, there are those nice, high vantage points in Knoop Park/the waterworks in Little Rock, or Fort Roots or Skyline Drive in North Little Rock. The low vantage points around the riverfront work, too.


But, back to the original question. Outside of the fireworks, there is nothing to do. Wait, there is the Traveler game at 1:30 p.m., but do you want to put up with that misery of a seeing a really bad ballclub? I guess the other team, whoever they happen to be playing, has somebody good, and the beer is cold. So, outside of the fireworks and the Travs, there is nothing to do, except go to Corky’s.

AmyB might have some good suggestions on her blog for any club happenings on these sleepy Fourth of July holiday days; check it out. Seems I recall her talking about a neat folk show at 2nd Place Cafe on Tuesday night that includes BBQ and even a ride to the fireworks later. We love ‘cue, or could you tell?

There is a free Movie in the Park on Wednesday, “Grease,” but we’ll pass on that one (I’d actually probably go for the torturous “Grease on Ice,” as hot as it is). The clubs pick up later in the week, but only the metal fans are going to want to deal with Rob Zombie on Friday in North Little Rock. The weekend is little on the weak side.

It just seems like everybody’s gone on summer break. Things will start happening when we finally get our break.

Maybe you could just take in a few movies. See an important flick, like “An Inconvenient Truth,” and maybe an unimportant but fun one, like “Superman Returns” or “The Devil Wears Prada.” We saw the latter; it’s better than the B-minus the D-G gave it last week. It’s a lot of fun, particularly in all the scenes Meryl Streep’s involved in.