If the truth be known, around here I haven’t had time to discover all these interesting new video blogs springing up, and until today I didn’t know the first thing about “Rocketboom,” a little daily comedic news blog hosted by Amanda Congdon, a Manhattan-based actress who hired on in October 2004 with the startup vlog and has the requesite Internet video hotness to draw people (like me) back to Rocketboom.com daily.

Anyway, why are we (as in the Internet world) finding out so much today about “Rocketboom”? Because Amanda and her business partner, Andrew Baron, are airing their laundry about Amanda’s leaving “Rocketboom,” and major business Internet sites that cover this sort of thing are on it, and the gossip sites like Defamer are on it, and this site here has all you want to know about it, and Amanda’s own blog is pretty funny, and going back to some of the archives of “Rocketboom” is well worth it and … damn, just when I find “Rocketboom,” it’s in dissaray. Oh well, maybe Jon Stewart and “The Daily Show” will hire Amanda for some comic relief with a cute-face spin on it on the Comedy Channel.

UPDATE: The Huffington Post reports that the empty chair has been filled, and she’s HOT, too. According to this other particular blogger, the replacement, Joanne Colan, is “the hottiest woman on the planet.” The hottiness continues at “Rocketboom.” Now, we’re hoping Amanda’s not yesterday’s news.