But apparently, it is true: A CNBC anchorman actually reported Monday that “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” beat the boxoffice record set by “Aquaman” in the weekend totals this past week. Of course, as we (and probably countless other “Entourage” fans who blog) reported in jest, “Pirates” and its $132 million over the weekend beat the recent record set by the fictitious Vinny Chase-starring “Aquaman,” which had just topped “Spiderman’s” long-standing record. Man, wish we could have been watching CNBC at that money and spit out our beer all over the TV.

Heck, why doesn’t somebody make “Aquaman”? It’s gotta be as good as what’s out there in theaters now. It probably would’ve broken the “Spiderman” record. Somebody ring up Ari Gold and see what Vinny Chase can be had for, huh? Unless he’s too busy with Paul Haggis’ upcoming “Medellin.” (Note to news anchorpeople: As far as we know, Haggis is only fictitiously making “Medellin” on “Entourage” and not in real life, but you know how life can imitate art …)

The NYPost’s “Page Six” has more “Entourage” gossip here. Seems Vinny Chase is being chased …

UPDATE: Jossip has the clip from CNBC on “Pirates” beating “Aquaman.”