Our new blogger, Movie Man (aka Matt Smith, who runs Market Street Cinema) checks in with his look at the movie scene, as well as the hard rock scene — it seems Matt loves his rock as much as his movies, which is a lot. Here’s something from the Mind of Matt:

ell, well well … as I said it would happen ! Captain Jack Sparrow has sailed in with a SHIP load of KYRIPONITE! and taken Super Mans cape. That’s right! JACK is BACK! and Captain Save A ho … I mean Super Man, has had his wings clipped!

Huge WORDPLAY party on Thursday, July 13, at 7 p.m!  The Arkansas Times will be
there, as well as Little Rock’s own Vic Flemming! WORDPLAY starts it’s
EXCLUSIVE run on Friday July 14. Bill Clinton, Jon Stewart, Will Shortz, Ken Burns, Mike Mussina,Indigo Girls,and Bob Dole also star!  More info at www.wordplaythemovie.com or www.marketstreetcinema.net

So, didn’t get your WORDPLAY invite? Don’t cry! Our next BIG members party is Monday JULY 17 at 7:30 p.m.! ‘THE HEART OF THE GAME’ You can still get tickets to this FREE screening!  Join the Market Street Cinema movie club! Don’t hold back! Do it now!  We still got tickets for you!  Yes, The Arkansas Times will be at the “HEART OF THE GAME” screening and so can you! The main man – JIM HARRIS will be there!  He has to see it! He has got to write a review! You could sit by him! Take his chair — the one with his name on it!


More info at www.heartofthegame-film.com or hit www.marketstreetcinema.net

“HEART OF THE GAME” opens EXCLUSIVE on Friday, July 21, at Little Rocks only Arkansas owned movie cinema!


Rob Zombie….. Well, since he buried White Zombie things have only improved!  “EDUCATED HORSES” is a good record.  The album and the concert are about the MUSIC!  White Zombie is dead! Long live Rob Zombie!  It just keeps getting better and better!

THE RED ROCKER! Sammy Hagar surfed in to Memphis on Wednesday, July 12.
This concert is awesome. I caught several of his shows in Cabo San Lucas as he “warmed” up for this tour! The band is tite! They have done this for a long time. The show gives a night club type feel – close and personal. Mark Anthony from Van Halen was on hand as well.  Sammy Hagar has always been friendly and easy going.

I will try to file a report about the back stage party and after party next week!


As always, this is Jim Harris’s world. I just pass thru!
— Matt Smith