Joel Siegel, whose weak movie critics are part of ABC’s “Good Morning America,” broke the cardinal rule of movie reviewing, in our book: Not only did he walk out of Kevin Smith’s “Clerks II” barely halfway through it, he made a scene about it. Hey, slip out if you must (but there better be a damn good reason why you must, like you need to puke because you’ve got a virus, not because of the movie), but don’t be a prima donna about it. Anyway Joel, you’re not good. You don’t deserve to act like a diva.

If you haven’t been following this wonderful critic vs. the director battle, New York Post’s Page Six can bring you up to day, complete with some great quotes off Kevin Smith’s myspace site (expletives deleted, of course). Here’s Wednesday’s report, followed by Thursday’s update (including a description of Rex Reed’s difficulties at another film screening), when Smith appeared on a radio show and they called Siegel up. You’ve gotta love it.


By the way, David Koon of the Times says you’re gonna love “Clerks II.”