Matt Smith checks in from the road in Wisconsin for his blog column on Movies and Metal. We’ve just got to convert this to a vlog someday, it would blow your mind.



“The Lost City” opens at Market Street Cinema on Friday, July 21. See the Little Rocking blog Friday morning for a review from Jim Harris. This is a special limited engagement and should play for only a week or two.

Thursday, July 27, will be the last day for “Water” and “Unindentified.” Visit for more info.


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SAMMY HAGAR blew the place up last night!  A sold out crowd!  At least 5,000 people packed the place!  They back Rock Stars here like they BACK THE PACK!  Using a shoehorn and a 55-gallon drum of KY Jelly you could not have gotten another person into the the show. Why can’t Little Rock, Memphis or Shreveport get crowds for Rock Concerts? 

Sammy played a set of the hits yet again!  “Mas Tequila,” “Mexico,” “One Way to Rock,” “Rainy Day Women,” “Girl Gets Around,” “Rock Candy,” “I’ll Take You There,” “Sam I Am,” ” Little White Lies, “Can’t Drive 55,” “Heavy Metal. Those songs threw down for the Hagar part of the show.  Then, MICHAEL ANTHONY came out for his bass solo and the group broke into their VAN HALEN favorites.  


I was on stage with Jim Harris’ favorite MICHAEL ANTHONY of VAN HALEN while he played bass. Nate Dog (Nathan Christian) from The Buzz 103.7 FM keeps telling me to put up a myspace page with all of my concert and sport photos.  I guess I need to. 

Hanging out with HAGAR is always magic. He is laid back and cool.  I got his sunglasses from this show, signed set lists, drum sticks, guitar picks, and signed T-shirts. My favorite memento is the Green Bay Packer’s hat that SAMMY signed for me. 

After the concert I had some Cabo Wabo backstage and got a signed bottle. We hit the casino and hung out with the crew. Those guys are funny and they remember us from the Cabo San Lucas shows, SAMMY’S Cruise last Spring, and Memphis. 

We hit some more local taverns and now it is time to move on to the Wisconsin Rock Fest! 


Thursday, July 20

JOHN WAITE – Guess somebody has got to start

GRAND FUNK RAILROAD – A classic!  These guys are always fun.

KANSAS – Another classic must-see (They’ll be at Hot Springs’ Magic Springs Theme Park on Saturday, btw).
SAMMY HAGAR & THE WABOS – What can I say that I have not already said?

Rumor has it, or at least the rumor on Heavy Metal Street, is Foreigner with Jason Bonham and KISS may appear sometime this week. 

Friday, July 21

HALF LIFE – Who knows.

SAVOY BROWN – Decent, should be OK.


PUDDLE OF MUD – These guys mix it up

GEORGE THOROGOOD – His gigs never get old

KID ROCK – Guess we will see if he is married to PAM ANDERSON! Saw him at Alltel back in March, also in Memphis.  I have seen him four or five times on his last four tours.  Always a party. 

Saturday, July 22


CROSS CANADIAN RAGWEED – They will try to impress.

GREG ROLIE – OK, I guess

TESLA – Let’s rock! These boys are back together with the original line up. I haven’t seen them in about 6 years.  I am really looking forward to this. They need a new album.
10 YEARS – They are out paying dues.

PAPA ROACH – I have seen them when they spent more time on the goth eyeliner than practice. I hope this is better.

MOTLEY CRUE – The greatest ROCK N ROLL BAND OF ALL TIME!!!!  I had back stage and VIP tickets to the concert and after parties for 30 show dates on the RED WHITE AND CRUE tour 2005-2006. The legend is for real. Nobody can party like these guys. Back stage is the wildest ever. On the bus, at the club, it is no holds barred. They have been in the studio working on a new album and TOMMY LEE has been doing Rockstar Supernova on TV. I imagine they will jet into Green Bay and chopper out to Rock fest. That is generally what they do for all festival shows. Can not wait to be back stage for this one!  These boys kick off another tour with Aerosmith starting in September. 

Sunday, July 23

ZED LEPPELIN – One of the better tribute bands out there.

WARRANT –  The Down Boys have a new album out; it’s good. The original band is back with all the members, but a new lead singer. ST. JAMES from Black And Blue. On songs like “Devils Juice” and “Bourbon County Line” he pulls it off. The songs on the new album are written to fit him. Can he do Warrant LIVE? JANIE LANE could hit the high notes and had a good stage performance. ST. JAMES didn’t measure up in Black And Blue. We will see if he can do it now.
CINDERELLA – Seen them on every tour they have ever had. Caught the show in Chicago on June 21. Good show. Cannot beat front row center stage tickets. Back stage party and after party were fun. It is the original line up. They seem to be VERY happy to be on this 20th anniversary tour. They want to talk to the fans.
LIVE – Still getting it done with that one album. They need a new CD that clicks with people. They need more than one song that every one can recognize.

STAIND – They know how a rock band should act. They have seen it on TV I guess. It is almost there for these guys, real close. 

POISON – Caught this show in Chicago. Awesome job! Great show, great attitude, great treatment of the fans. Back stage was fun. This is Mandi’s favorite rock band. I guess Bon Jovi is second. I know it doesn’t make sense, she is only 24 years old. Anyway, Bret Michael’s is diabetic. That means no smoking, or drinking back stage. He is nice and polite.  “He is so sweet” Mandi says. Whatever. 

I guess VINCE NEIL, TOMMY LEE, and NIKKI SIXX, are too rude, crude, loud and mean for most people! 

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If Wisconsin can do this for 13 years in a row, why can’t Arkansas pull off a festival like this just one time?  

“Keep the Shiny Side Up and the Rubber Side Down!”-Matt

Matt Smith blogs at Little Rocking regularly on heavy metal and rock music as well as movies, as he’s the owner of Market Street Cinema, the state’s only art house theater.