Matt Smith continues his sojourn to Wisconsin, where they’re going wild at Rock Fest with some serious heavy metal:



So, can’t get enough info on film? Check out ‘CONVERSATIONS’ on the Little Rocking blog. You get Jim Harris talking with Renee Shapiro, Blake Rutherford, me…. hit it up!

Let’s say you are in St. Louis this summer. You want to kick it old school and go to a drive in. I got you! Check out


I agree with Jim and Blake, “Down In The Valley” was great, but no one came out to see it. If people don’t support the small films, we have to let them go. “Unidentified” and “Water” will end their run on Thursday, July 27. “The Lost City” will only be around for a week, maybe two.  If you don’t want to miss these, hit or call 501-312-8900 for info.



Cadott, Wisc., ROCK FEST

Yesterday was day one. Nice weather, sunny and a high of 80. Good. This is a huge event. Last night the announced attendance was 35,000. Usually, Thursday is the slow day of the fest. There are some vendor shops set up. They sell the regular items : T-shirts, hats, biker gear, jewelry, there are tattoo shops, bikes on display. Think Sturgis or Bike Week Daytona, but a better mix of music.

The sponsors all have a tent. Miller, Jack Daniel’s, Captain Morgan, Pepsi, etc. … each tent has a live band. They play all day. These are bands for the Wisconsin area, groups like “Divided Highway.” This is more free music all day long, in addition to the main stage events.

The VIP hook up here is so huge. You have reserved seats. Food and drinks are provided all week in the VIP package. All the soda, water, beer, etc. … that you care to drink. Food is included as well, with a good menu that changes everyday.


You can also pick up memberships to the fest that give you backstage passes, meet and greet time … a good chance to hang out with the bands.

On to yhe music from Thursday :

JOHN WAITE — Sad. Weak. Pop music. Kiddie radio tunes. What a waste of time.

GRAND FUNK RAILROAD — It was announced that they had charter flight trouble. They didn’t make the show.

THE HOODLUMS — These guys were a great surprise! They came in to play in 
Grand Funk’s time slot. They are a good band from Mpls/St. Paul. Good original material, good cover songs. I mean, I think ANYBODY could follow John Waite … but, still I got to give these guys credit for a good show!

KANSAS — What a bunch of clowns. Don’t go see them in Hot Springs. Save your money.  The keyboards and violins ruined it. This is a ROCK show! We aren’t doing “POPS” on the river! I think these losers would play ANY gig, ANY where, ANY time! You could book this crew to play the Jim Harris backyard picnic/ bar-b-que! But, Jim — don’t do it! If these guys play your back yard — I can’t  come over! Suffering thru that once was enough! I mean, come on! 33 years and they got three good songs!

SAMMY & THE WABOS — I can’t review these guys again. Everybody knows how I feel. Anyway, this tour is called “Livin’ It Up.” The new album by the same name drops this Tuesday. July 25. Check it out!

Man, I am hurting this morning! The Sammy Hagar crew tried to kill us last night with CABO WABO shots! Sammy was as awesome as ever! He gave the girls a couple of bracelets that he had worn on stage. The crew stayed around late back stage and on the bus. Just hitting the CABO. One of the crew members sings hip hop after the shows,  it is good for laughs.  Ally was ruined last night. Mandi had to drive us back to the hotel. I won’t be able to see HALF LIFE today, unless they go on late. Ally will have to stay at the hotel until dark. No way she can get out in the sun! Too bad! I got to head on over to the show!

“Rock & Roll All Night, Party Everyday! — Matt

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