Matt Smith is enjoying Rock Fest in Wisconsin and checks in with his look on Movies and Metal:



Dave “Build The Wall” Elswick has  a FREE CLASSIC film next week. On Monday catch GOLDFINGER @ The Silver Screen Cabot.  for more info.
Just click “Coming Attractions” for details and a list of Dave’s shows. On Tuesday, July 25, GOLDFINGER is at Market Street Cinema. Go  to and click on “DAVE CLASSICS” for details. Dave and his producer Scott Neuman will be at both FREE screenings. Call KARN News Radio — Dave’s station — for your FREE tickets. 501-401-0200.
Show time both evenings is 8 p.m. This is GOLDFINGER 1964, Sean Connery baby! See it on the big screen!

Can’t make those shows?  You got one more shot at 007. Thursday, July 27.
This screening is also FREE.  Sponsored by COOL 104.7 FM. Big Joey and Paul Parker from COOL will attend this show!  Hit under “Coming Attractions” for details. This show time is 7 pm. Call 501-268-1047 for your FREE tickets!





Friday, July 21, worked out just fine.  A little rain blew thru early and dropped the temp to a smooth 75!  Almost perfect!

HALF LIFE went on late. I was able to catch them. These guys are local,
from the Chippewa Valley area and Minnesota. Formerly GLITCH, the name change doesn’t seem to have hurt. Good set. They did covers of Led
Zepplin, Jimi Hendrix, AC/DC, Maroon 5 and John Mayer. They also played about 10 original songs. They are working on their first CD. Good stuff! Should be a decent indie music CD.

The local bands Sonic Void, Counter Point, Big Deeks, Relentless, know why they are here. They hit the rock cover songs that everyone wants to hear.
They mix in some original material. They have all rolled in from Green Bay, Milwaukee, Madison, Minneapolis, Chicago … this is the high point of the year for them. They love playing this fest and want to do it every year. It is like a badge of honor. They have a winning attitude!

SAVOY BROWN featuring Kim Simmons. They are down to a three-piece band now.
There is an effort to work in more guitar. Blues filled rock. “Tell Mama” Louisiana Blues” “Hell bound Trail”, “I’m tired”, “Train to Nowhere” … If you know them, you know the songs. No reason to list the entire set. BLUES. That covers it. A decent show.


SEVEN MARY THREE You know these tunes from alternative rock. My question is always alternative to what? Anyway , they played “Water’s edge,”  “Lucky,” “Settle Up,” “Cumbersome,” “Rock Crown,” “Sleep Walking,” “Head Strong” … I could go on … These guys are OK, but they want to be Pearl Jam so bad!
I mean really bad! Grit your teeth, beg to be like Pearl Jam … not very original. No way they can touch Pearl Jam.

PUDDLE OF MUDD They brought the ROCK!  Man, these guys were good! They just ripped! Songs included : “Out of My Head,” Nobody Told Me, Control, She Hates Me , Bring Me Down,” “Nothing to Lose” … the crowd loved “She Hates Me: the most.  They remind me of Saliva, from Memphis.

GEORGE THOROGOOD What is left to say about this man? He is a master. He continues to tour and practice his craft. You already know the songs he always plays. Same show every time. If he wasn’t from Delaware, you would swear this was Southern Rock.

KID ROCK If you saw this stage show in Little Rock, or Memphis — it is the same show.  Out on tour to support “Live Trucker” — tribute cover art for Bob Seger — throws out his hits, and does a little bit of Drums, Banjo, Guitar and turn table work.  It is an entertaining show. A party really. Something people dance to.

No mention of Pam Anderson all night. The backstage party was like a Girls Gone Wild video shoot! Crazy! Wild, but not Motley wild. The security was hard core backstage. No video, no cameras, NOT EVEN CELL PHONES! I guess they are worried about cell phone camera photos.The guy has been burned before, so they are taking no chances. If you wanted photos with Kid’s on stage dancers, you had to take them OUTSIDE the backstage area. NO CHANCE of photos behind that curtain!  No one else here has acted that way.

“Get A Hair Cut And Get A Real Job!” — Matt 

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