While mere mortal men would have long since dropped, Matt Smith is not even close to an overdose of rock yet in Wisconsin, and still finds time to let us know back here in Cooling Rock how things are going:



You must check this out: July 27, 28, 29. Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
This is a film event that needs to be encouraged!  The site is www.ttauri.org  Take a look. Now, don’t be ADHD like me and type in .com a million times! This film showcase is part of The Ozark Foothills Film Fest. www.ozarkfoothillsfilmfest.org  The Ozark Fest is the real deal! It is ALL about films and filmmakers! These people are not throwing away money on gala events. They invest in the movies, the movie makers and THE KIDS! This is not about putting on a tuxedo and patting each other on the back. No, this IS the most laid-back event … well, we are pretty easygoing during the 48 Hour Fest at Market Street Cinema … but, that is for another time!

Bob Pest (I trust the guy so much he could drive my favorite car!) is the leader of the pack for both events. This weekend is for students! Let’s pat them on the back and tell them GOOD JOB!  EVERY dollar goes to a good cause! Bob Pest does a tremendous job. Go see what the kids are putting on film!



I promise to write about my favorite TV shows per Jim Harris’ request — soon!



ROCK FEST WISCONSIN. Saturday.  July 22  

A little warmer today 82. A local band, Bad Downs opened – but I reviewed these guys already.

CROSS CANADIAN RAGWEED The current CD is “Garage.” Some covers, best songs played were “Fightin’ For,” “Sick and Tired,” “Alabama,” “17,” “Look At Me,” “Constantly,” “After All,” “Don’t Need You,” “This Time Around,” “Wanna Rock & Roll,” …   This is
alternative country. Not really what I like. Some people think this band has some crossover potential. They play about 200 shows a year. They work. They grind it out. They have four albums. They have sold a combined total of about 70,000 copies mostly in the Texas/Oklahoma area. Based on what the hard-rock fans I talked to said, these boys aren’t crossing jack! They may just be happy rolling around the ArkLaTex area. 


GREGG ROLLIE Santana, Journey, The Storm … come on! This guy is in the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame! Songs – “Black Magic Woman,” “Oye Como Va,” “Just The Same Way,” “Everybody’s Everything,” “Evil Ways,” “Jingo” …  I don’t buy this music. I wouldn’t attend a concert just to see them … but, that being said, respect. You got to respect these guys and what they have given to rock and roll music.

TESLA I really wanted to see these guys. This is the first time the original lineup was going to be together completely in 10 years. Then, the rhythm guitarist, Tommy Skeoch, didn’t show up. Back in 2004 these guys were going out on tour with the original lineup in support of “Into the Now” album. Tommy dropped off that tour and went into rehab, which ruined the tour and killed album sales. Check out that record and the band at www.teslatheband.com. The new guitar player, Dave Rude, does an excellent job. They played: “Modern Day Cowboy,” “Gettin’ Better,” “Little Suzi,” “Heaven’s Trail (No way Out),” “Love Song,” “Signs,” “Song and Emotion,” What You Give,” “Changes,” “Edion’s Medicine.”  Great set, great show.
These guys hung around later, did a meet and greet and signed autographs.
They also sang a song with Papa Roach. Both bands are from Sacramento. In fact, all of the bands that played on Saturday stayed at the fest all day waiting to talk to Motley Crue. I am really glad I got to see Tesla, and I hope the rest of their tour goes well. Word was Tommy was out of rehab and at home with his wife and new son. He is going to join the band later on tour. I pray that is true.

10 YEARS These guys came heavy. They are from Knoxville, Tenn. They have two
records: “Killing All That Holds You,” “The Autumn Effect.” Staind got this gig for the boys.  I think of Seven Dust when I hear them. 

PAPA ROACH Much, much, much better than the last time I saw them. They have really improved. Maybe it is the eight months off tour. Maybe they needed the rest.
Maybe last time they were having a bad night, it happens. Or maybe it is the fact that once a band has played every other venue on the globe they will finally drag ass through the Arkansas/Tennessee area. By the time they get there they are tired and sick of the tour. A good example this year would be Poison/Cinderella. Looks like they will finally hit Little Rock on their way to the house. Roach played: “Infest,” “Last Resort,” “Dead Cell,” “She Loves Me Not,” “Take Me,” ” Scars,” “Broken Home,” “Between Angels and Insects,” “Getting Away With Murder,” “Done With You.” They played a couple of songs off their new album, which is due in September. They tore it down. 

MOTLEY CRUE They finally flew in at midnight.  I guess that actually means they played on Sunday. So more on these boys later…

“Live to Ride, Ride to Live.” — Matt

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