We thought it odd today of the report in the Democrat-Gazette’s Weekend section that the phone for the V Lounge at Lulav was disconnected and to “stay tuned” for any update. We’ll give you one now: The phone was disconnected for a couple of days earlier this week, but 374-5100 will ring right to the restaurant now and they’ll be happy to take your reservation or tell you what’s on the menu at the trendy, Mediterranean-Californian fusion eatery.

The reason we thought it odd was because the V Lounge at Lulav is our featured restaurant of the week in our Dining Section in yesterday’s issue. Now, we can tell you of one time that we planned on running a review of a restaurant and darn if it didn’t shut down the very week the review was running (that was Louis Petit’s attempt at a bistro in Argenta), and another time when the featured restaurant known for its great lunches had decided that very week to discontinue its new (and brief) dinner service, the dinner being the subject of the review. As for Lulav, the reviewer had spoken with one of the proprietors late last week, and nary a word was mentioned that V Lounge might be closing doors, which to us is the hint of writing that a phone’s been disconnected.

Anyway, the V Lounge is alive and kicking. We figure an update indeed will be coming in the Democrat-Gazette next Friday saying as much.