Matt Smith checks in Monday with the things he loves: rock (in this case, KISS) and movies (“Flags of our Fathers”).:

We went to check out KISS On the Big Screen. This event was sponsored by MAGIC 105.1 FM and THE EDGE 100.3 FM. KISS has released a new DVD box, KISSOLOGY. To commemorate the release concert footage was exhibited across America at movie theatres. About 200 of the KISS faithful turned out in Little Rock. A large number of audience members wore KISS concert T’s and I saw a bit of makeup here and there in the crowd. The screen presentation ran about 90 minutes.

We talked with Sharpe Dunaway and Lindsey from 105.1 and 100.3’s Matt Cruise after the presentation. Everyone seems to agree that this DVD is mostly for the hardcore KISS fans. The six-hour running time is split over two DVD’s in the set. Four full concerts are presented with a total of 70 different individual performances by the band. The sound is 5.1 digital and other special features include video from the personal collections of the band members. The public has never seen the items from the personal vaults before now. A&E has a silly reality TV show called “Gene Simmons Family Jewels.” Although Kissology is just for the hardcore KISS ARMY type fan, the reality show has appeal for the general public.

On to movies. “Flags of our Fathers” is the Clint Eastwood-directed Oscar race film for this fall. Eastwood directs another epic. The battle scenes remind me of “Saving Private Ryan.” These scenes are on the same level in technical presentation and graphic violence. They are just as difficult to watch.


Some films portray death in a campy manner; “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” is a prime example. They are gruesome and over the top, and the stupidity makes them easy to watch. WW 2 battle scenes are true facts. This makes the violence terrible and heavy on your mind, but it has to be there to tell the story.

The actors do a fine job in this film, especially Adam Beach. His portrayal of the trials and tribulations of the Native American member of the squad is superb. It is difficult to imagine people treating others that way in the 1940s. It had to be hard enough to fight in a war without being called such names as “Redman,” “Chief,” and “Scout” every five minutes. Name-calling has always been the venue of the idiotic and simple-minded.

Now, something else: One of the new features of this blog will be mentioning something on My Space. Over 120 million Americans use this service. It has become very important for music. With that in mind, check out this is a clearing house of information for local bands in Central Arkansas. They seem to have an especially high presence in the Hot Springs area.

I will be in the VIP backstage area at the Def Leppard concert Monday Night, hope to see you there! — Matt Smith