Our music aficiando who attended the Hootie and the Blowfish performance at the Junior League’s Holiday House party at Alltel Arena  last night reports that Darius Rucker, the band’s lead singer, gave way to John Daly for a brief period last night. Daly regularly invites Hootie to his annual Fayetteville fund-raising shindig and also plays in a fund-raiser in South Carolina organized by the group. Daly last night played his guitar and sang “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.”

The show drew almost 2,000, which is what the room at Alltel had been set up to accommodate, with the Junior League’s Christmas Holiday House vendor area taking up about half the arena floor on the other side of a divider.

Hootie and the band, we’re told, played an eclectic set totalling 26 songs. The group is renowned for giving it their all and them some in their live shows. Band members took various turns on different instruments, and they broke into a “Schoolhouse Rock” number in the middle of one of their bigger hits, which caught our observer by surprise.

Our reviewer told us she loved it, and there will be a full review in next week’s Times on the show.