Matt Smith makes his way through Arizona:

Sedona Arizona is about 130 miles north of Phoenix. This area is well worth the trip. The small town has a population of just 11,000. The panoramic views of the desert and mountains are breathtaking. For over 40 years hundreds of western scenes for movies and television were filmed here. The famous Cowboy Club still stands. John Wayne and other classic film heroes have graced this restaurant with their presence. We had dinner at the club, and the food and atmosphere are astounding. There are a variety of small shops up and down both sides of the main street, containing various tourist wares. You can also find western wear, jewelry, and art for very special memories and gifts. See for more details on the area and shopping.

You must go on a tour to really appreciate the land that surrounds the town. There are several options. We chose the two-hour off road jeep tour. It was 4×4 and much more exciting and fun than the jeep tours I’ve done in Colorado. Plant life, trails, local customs and animals are discussed. There are plenty of opportunities for photos and the chance to get out and just walk around. The rocks, trails and desert are much less harsh than Cabo San Lucas. I do understand the tern “dry heat” now, and there is a much different feel to the air, without the benefit of the ocean near by.

Our guide was knowledgeable and nice. We went thru the solider pass trail. This tour was featured on the reality show “The Bachelorette”. See more @

Now, moving on to the hard-core adrenalin junkie part of the day. That’s my part. I just have to have something to kick-start my heart. I love helicopters. I just can’t pass up a helicopter adventure or tour. If I’m at a place that offers the chopper, count me in! Well, this group, Arizona Helicopter Adventures has been featured on the Travel Channel. I try to bring the Travel Channel to life! So we are off to the Grand Canyon. This is an extremely exciting trip. This has to be the best sight seeing in the southwestern United States. We fly across the Mogollon Rim and the national forest on our way to the canyon. After flying over the Grand, the return flight takes us into Boynton Canyon. You also see the ancient ruins, and Sedona’s spectacular formations and canyons on this flight. This chopper pilot and trip are superior to NY, New Orleans, Daytona, Check up on them @ I will also post video on you tube from this trip.

Flyin’ High Again! — Matt Smith