Matt Smith checks in about the wicked rock concert from last Thursday at the Metroplex, featuring Shinedown, and a few more items. You should have seen Matt in full rock regalia when he stopped by the premiere party for the Joey Lauren Adams film “Come Early Morning” at his Market Street Cinema:

Twisted Christmas from 100.3 THE EDGE was defiantly sick and twisted. We had a plate full to consume on Thursday Dec 14. With Joey Lauren Adams and her crew in town for the premiere of “Come Early Morning” at the Market Street Cinema and the four bands out at the Metroplex, we spent the day shuttling back and forth.

The concert meet and greet/backstage experience went smooth thanks to Matt Cruz from THE EDGE 100.3 FM. Shinedown, Hoobastank and The Vanished were in The Green Room at the Metroplex relaxing. Funny thing is, the green room at metro is actually red (at least it fits the X-Mas theme).

Hooters brought food and waitresses as usual. Erin from Juanita’s fame provided drinks. The bands were more than happy to sign and take pics with the select few in attendance. The Edge gave away a dozen signed guitars to some lucky winners and about another dozen folks were invited to the meet and greet. The Vanished were extremely friendly. They are out supporting their first real studio album and were very eager to take photographs and do the autograph bit. The Vanished had a set that lasted about 45 minutes. They opened and pretty much played their whole album. After their part of the show they stuck around the merchandise booth hawking T-shirts and CDs. So fans that weren’t invited to the meet and greet were able to talk to them. They wanted to socialize with everybody, not just the select few. Nice guys, one and all. Check the album @ .

Saliva was hurting Thursday night. These guys were in pain. The flu bug seemed to have attacked the entire band. They didn’t attend the meet and greet, and didn’t hang out back stage. But, being troopers and young they played — the show must go on! Unlike Bret Michaels last Tuesday at The Rev Room, these flu-ridden boys did their set. They played maybe 45 minutes, but I can understand cutting it short. This is one tour bus I did not want to climb on, because I know the flu virus is riding along on this leg of the tour. Hit them up at When you consider how sick these guys were, it was a great set.  I give them a salute, metal horns up! 

Hoobastank played an extra long set. They were really on stage for more than 90 minutes. I think they used their time and maybe some of  Saliva’s. These guys were extra friendly backstage. They also talked to the crowd often during the set. You can hear the new record at Check out the songs “Born to Lead,” “Inside of You,” “Don’t Tell Me” and “The First of Me.” I guess my only complaint of the night was the lack of music between bands. I wish there had been a little more intermission music and video during the tear down/set-up time between groups. 

Shinedown headlined the gig. They brought the rock. What a great show. Yes, they played the songs you would expect, such as “45,” “Save Me” and “I Dare You.” My favorite song tonight was “Heros.” I really enjoyed that one at this show. Of course, you can hear them on myspace at

This was a good night. Attendance seemed to be over 2,000 people throughout the evening. That is a packed house at the Clear Channel Metroplex, and this is real close to the holidays. Erin knows how to put on a good show. I have got to throw in a very special THANK YOU to Blake and Lindsey from MAGIC 105.1 FM KMJX, Matt Cruz from THE EDGE 100.3 FM, Erin from Juanita’s, and all the guys in Shinedown.

Thanks for the early Christmas present and the hospitality.

“Double Metal Horns Up!” — Matt Smith