The Little Rock Zoo has two new additions, a pair of baby sloth bears born to their resident sloth bear Nocona on Dec. 21, according the Susan Altrui, the zoo’s director of marketing.

Sloth bears are an endangered species. The Little Rock Zoon is taking part in the Species Survival Plan to ensure the long-term survival of the sloth bear.

Altrui reports that the mother and cubs are doing well. Nocona also gave birth to twin cubs Tasha an d Thor on Dec. 27, 2004, and they are located in the zoo. Nocona likes those holiday babies.

The new cubs will still need a few months before they can be on exhibit, so for now Nocona and the cubs ae in a private den.

Meanwhile, in other Zoo news, the facility is presenting a black-tie New Year’s Eve party. Call 666-2406.