Check out the song “Pterodactyl” on Jeff Coleman and the Feeders’ MySpace page. That was the culmination of a solid set of rocking, beerhall-style original music that last night propelled JCATF onto the Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase final.

The night at Sticky Fingerz drew about 300 folks, including a monstrous crowd of fans of the second band, Latture, that ably followed up opening act JCATF. In fact, my new favorite group is Latture. With their eye-candy up front (including a good violinist) and a theatrical show full of songs with depth (very original in this view) that seemed to reflect a Ben Folds influence, I can’t wait to see this Conway band perform again, and for a longer-than-30-minute set. Here is their MySpace page. Specifically check out “Boxer” and “Gypsy.”

Also, one of our few under-21 bands, Rigby Fawkes, displayed amazing talent. They are fronted by Daniel Moody, younger brother of Evanesence founder Ben Moody (who’s now in major demand in LA as a session man and songwriter), but the entire quarter was loaded with great ability. Fantastic guitar, wonderful drumming, even inspiring trumpet from the bass player. They switched up intruments for one song, with Moody moving from his keyboard (which he attacked with ferocity) to the drums. You’ve got to see these guys.

Sideshow was last, but not least in ability either. Incorrectly dubbed a blues-rock band, they were a real rock band with a funk element, and a fabulous keyboard player. They’re a lot of fun, and they show up in the local clubs often.


Jeff Coleman and the Feeders join Cooper’s Orbit and Damn Bullets in the March 2 finals, scheduled for the Revolution Music Room. Two more Thursday night semifinals are scheduled for Sticky Fingerz, on Feb. 15 and Feb. 22.