Tomorrow, in our print edition, you’ll be able to read a story about the Treehouse, this new house show place near UAMS that’s been having some bigtime national acts stop in for shows, some of the acts on their way to South-by-Southwest and elsewhere.

The only problem is, the Treehouse has been shutdown as of today. The band The Thing That Always Explodes sent out a blast email to fans today telling them that the venue/house would not be having the show, but that the show would be held a couple of blocks away, on Pine Street, in another house. Just for the sake of keeping LRPD off the trail of the show, we’ll let you find out the location from The Thing That Always Explodes’ website if you want to see the house show.


According to TTTAE’s email, the Treehouse has been “harassed” by the local police. It’s close the UAMS and the campus police had come knocking a few times because of excessive loudness, we’re told. Also, parking tickets had been issued in the area to kids checking out the shows.

If the Treehouse just moves to another house, it won’t be the first time. They were doing shows several blocks away last year before that got shut down and they moved over to Cedar. Here’s the crux: They’re offering loud music and a gathering place, they apparently don’t charge money but take donations, they allow all ages, they allow smoking, they aren’t a licensed business or club or concert hall. While we have no problem with any of that (as long as they aren’t next door to us), that’s just what the police tend to look for.


Remember the “rave” crackdown a few years back. It probably brought more mainstream attention to the “rave” craze that the police were cracking down on them and people were driving all the way out to Pinnacle Mountain just to find one.

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