The Renaud brothers screen their new documentary “Taking the Hill” at Sturgis Hall at the Clinton School. The film follows five of the more than 50 veterans who ran for Congress in 2006. The program (the film’s Arkansas debut) is at the Clinton school at 5:30 until 7:30. A Q&A on the film and the upcoming LR film festival will follow. Make reservations here.


Devon Allman’s Honeytribe plays Sticky Fingerz. Allman, of course, is Greg’s son and apparently has the kind of chops that you’d expect from that.

For grown folks: First Friday jumps off at Juanita’s. Twanna Campbell’s Ultimate Groove and Pinky (the poet) and her band put it down.


Little River Band offers a big helping of 80s nostalgia at The Village. The band is still one Australia’s most significant, Wikipedia sez. Damn Bullets open.

Brett Michaels will unskinny bop the night away for all the ladies that still lust for grizzled 80s metal heroes. There will also be toads (no frogs), food and fun for the whole frickin’ family.



Nathan Browningham (above, looking wildly different than he does now) play with Wooly Mammoth, Jonesboro’s Berenstein Band, Underclaire, Johnny Depp Experience, Margot and Oh Sees at the Arkansas Arts Community Arts Cooperative’s Cinco de Mayo bash. At the the Arkansas Sustainability Network’s downtown headquarters on 209 S. Victory (so many acronymns). Starts at 6. With organic salsa. Bizarre: you get a dollar off the door if you wear some kind of thematic costume. $6/$5.

AND: Conway folk-punk rocker Jonathan Wilkins plays with Memphis’ Giant Bear at White Water.


Local garage rock faves The Chicklettes play with The Crisco Kids at Downtown Music.

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