Sticky Fingerz was the place to be last night as it hosted the second night of “Towncraft” Week. A good-sized group – many of whom were at the wild White Water show the night before – came out to support local bands Silver Swirly, the Contingencies and Tel Aviv.


The venue with its dim lights and candle-lit tables (all of which were taken) was the ideal spot to see Silver Swirly, a low-key three-piece led by Jim Hunnicutt and backed by American Princes’ Luke Hunsicker on bass and Big Boots’ Michael Motley on drums. While the big room is known for swallowing up the vocals, Maestro must’ve improved his technique or at least his hearing. Hunnicutt’s voice came across clearly and smoothly, especially on the somber “Stand in the Rain” and the jumpy, jazzy “Sauced Out.” The highlight of their set was the last song “Watching Night,” for which they borrowed Boondogs’ guitar genius Charles Wyrick, who made the subtle song shine.



Alt-rock act the Contingencies picked up the pace and folks crowded around the stage. Fronted by a shirt-and-tie wearing Dan Johnson, their sound is anything but stiff. They’ve got a loose, casual way about them and played a moody mix of uppers and downers with ease. Previously unfamiliar with their songs, I’ve since checked them out on mySpace and Max Recordings.


Tel Aviv’s keyboard-driven rock got the party going. Justin Hernandez, a preppy post-punk rocker, was feeling it and so was the crowd who pressed against the stage screaming his lyrics back to him. While the band played a short show at George’s a couple of weeks ago, last night they gave us a nice, long set, minus an encore. They played my favorite “Black Marketeering,” but I didn’t hear them take the request from girl next to me for “Sunburned LA.” They recently put out their first full-length album “Underwaters” on Max. Check it out.


“Towncraft” Week continues with Chris Denny and the Old Soles at the Belvedere tonight.