Due to my complete ignorance of the internets, the post entitled “Tis the Season for Grilling” cannot be replied to.  Edit- it was deleted. 

So lets put any recipes, suggestions, etc… anything to do with grilling or summertime food here tonight and for the holiday.  A good potato salad recipe, for instance, is always appreciated.  And what to use- mesquite or hickory?

I’m grilling Chicken Kabobs tonight with bell pepper (green and red), onions, and mushrooms.  Marinating the chicken in olive oil, wine, fresh basil, and garlic.  Garlic bread and salad for sides.  Healthy for me, considering my earlier posts, huh?

And thanks Hugh- the meat and the veggies are on seperate skewers.  About to start the fire now.

Have a great and safe Memorial Day everybody!