Early TV alert: I don’t think I’ve ever watched Oprah before, but I’m going home at lunch to set my TiVo to record her interview with Cormac McCarthy, which’ll air next Tuesday, June 5. McCarthy, the author of “Blood Meridian,” “All the Pretty Horses” and “The Road,” which Oprah recently selected for her book club, hasn’t given any kind of substantive interview since this 1992 profile in  The New York Times. This’ll be his first TV interview. Even aside from the momentousness, this is like Gene Simmons going on Dr. Phil to talk about relationships. I mean, is there any legitimate writer today who’s grimmer than McCarthy? “The Road,” for instance, is set in a post-apocalyptic world where baby-eating “blood-cults” roam. Other plots center around a mass-murdering necrophiliac, a marauding band of Indian killers and the search for a baby that’s the product of incest between a brother and sister. So lots of laughs for sure.

ALSO: Check out these really promising clips from “No Country for Old Men,” McCarthy’s take-the-money-and-run noir that the Coen brothers have adapted. The film just screened at Cannes and got lots of props.

ALSO, ALSO: A Coen brothers short, from the shorts collection “Paris, je t’aime.”