Counting down the hours until “Knocked Up” opens, I’ve been reading up on up-coming Seth Rogen projects and have pretty much concluded that dude’s the best thing to happen to cinematic comedy since Eddie Murphy (let’s just pretend he died in the 80s). I mean Will Ferrell is riotous, but his movies are way uneven, and I’d be shocked if Sascha Baron Cohen can keep his schtick fresh. But with a huge assist from Jud Apatow, who first cast Rogen in the fine, under-seen TV show “Freaks and Geeks,” Rogen’s somehow been able to get big-budget funding for these Hollywood formula movies that he’s tricking out with decidedly un-Hollywood hilarity. Ferinstance, see the 18+ trailer (vastly, VASTLY funnier than the regular one) for the high-school comedy “Superbad,” which Rogen and his screenwriter partner Evan Goldberg wrote and in which Rogen and that funny kid from “Arrested Development,” Michael Cerra, star. Maybe something to look forward to even more: “Pineapple Express,” the action/comedy that stars Rogen and James Franco. Little Rock native David Gordon Green directs. It’s a $100 million dollar buddy movie about weed that Rogen and Goldberg started writing when they were 13.

UPDATE: Vulture has an outtake from “Knocked Up” with Michael Cerra in the Seth Rogen role. Comic gold.

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