A reader and recent visitor to Philadelphia writes Eat Arkansas for help:

Was in greater Philadelphia for a week and now I have a serious jones for some Tastykakes. I was hopeful some foodie might know a place in Arkansas that sells them. And if anyone goes to Philly, be sure to check out the Reading Street Terminal downtown. It is like the River Market, but about 10 times bigger. They sell just about every food item under the sun, including these fried apple dumplings, roughly the size of a person’s head, that the Amish farmers had on sale for $2. Was too stuffed from a Rick’s Philly cheesesteak combo to try one though. And in true Philly fashion, mine was with Wiz. Brings to mind a question though, what place in Arkansas sells the best Philly cheesesteaks?

Pretty good cheese steaks over at the barbecue/burger/catfish joint on 12th St. just east of Woodrow, for one. And what’s the place over in North Little Rock? Is it Rocky’s?