Turn off that phone. Here’s a good press release:

Effective immediately, Nancy Tesmer and Kathy Webb of Lilly’s Dim Sum, and Capi Peck and Brent Peterson of Trio’s, have made their respective restaurants cell phone-free.  The four business owners said that cell phone use is disruptive to other patrons, creates excessive noise in the dining rooms, and is just plain out of control.  The four say that they want to enhance the dining experience for their patrons, just as going smoke free did, and create an oasis in the 24/7 wired world in which we live.  Tesmer, Webb, Peck, and Peterson encourage other restaurants to follow suit, and will be happy to share their tips with fellow restaurateurs who want to go cell phone-free but are not sure of the best way.  Also, Lilly’s is creating a list of cell phone free restaurants on their website for customers’ convenience.

Webb says that feedback has been extremely positive.  “Most people read the sign at the host stand, or the article in our newsletter, and turn their phones off.  We have gone to a couple of groups and quietly asked them to finish their conversation outside.  Customers are thanking us for doing this.”  For tips on going cell phone free successfully, or to be listed on the Lilly’s website, please call 716-2700 or email