Local man-about town Jesse Berry is pummeling the competition on Jeopardy this week. After three wins in three days, he’s amassed $41,500. Thanks to the colossally unhelpful Jeopardy site, we missed yesterday’s showing, but got the TiVo in-line today.

Jesse was unflappable. He carried the lead most of the game and rarely seemed to be making risky guesses. I think he missed once. In Double Jeopardy, he scored $2000 for “The Ursus Californicus variety of this fierce brown bear is found on the California state seal?” and moments later got a daily double that he wagered $3,000 on for “After a 5-year legal battle w ith a sugar company, this pizza chain won the right to keep its name in 1980 (I’ll let you venture guesses in the comments).”

He also got a chance to talk about KABF, at least indirectly, when Alex Trebek asked him about what community radio meant. He explained it was non-commerical, non-corporate radio that featured a diversity of music and talk programming, but he couldn’t manage a plug for the station or his show, “Machine Language.”

He’s on again tomorrow at 11:00 on KATV 7.