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8 p.m., Robinson Center Music Hall. $18-$31.

Look out, nostalgia fiends. Probably the most enduring tribute act touring today will try to resurrect Beatlemania on Thursday. Since 1984, “1964…The Tribute” has traveled the globe impersonating, as its name suggests, the pre-weed, pre-“Rubber Soul,” more cuddly mop-topped Fab Four. Of course, at least several of the guys impersonating the teen dreams are in their 50s, but they’ll be wearing lots of makeup and talking in convincing accents and you probably won’t sit close. Further bona fides: George Harrison’s sister enjoyed a performance of the band so much that she invited them home for a party. Dick Clark likes them. Alistair Taylor, a former president of Apple Records, says 1964 “sent shivers down [his] spine.” They’ve been on The Nashville Network, and in 2004, they ranked 167 out of the Top 200 touring acts in box office gross.

7:30 p.m., the Weekend Theater. $14-$18.


Let’s do the time warp again … and again and again. For the uninitiated, the enduring popularity of participatory “Rocky Horror Picture Show” nights remains baffling. For the really uninitiated, all the hype surrounds a 1975 low-budget film that follows a young white-bread couple who get introduced to the bacchanalian world of Dr. Frank N. Furter, a mad scientist/transvestite who claims to be from another planet and is soon to unveil his latest Frankenstein-like creation, a beefcake named Rocky Horror. There’s lots of singing and dancing. After the film’s cult success, a stage-musical adaptation made its way to Broadway (and, beginning tonight, to the Weekend Theater). Since then it’s become arguably the definitive cult parody around. Folks dress up to see performances, sing along and holler at the screen. For those unfamiliar with the details of the interactivity, the Weekend Theater offers up several guidelines: 1. Don’t throw rice, umbrellas, bread, toast or anything, really. 2. Talk back, but only when appropriate (“The golden rule: make it funny, make it fit, make it fast”) 3. Pre-assembled bags of approved props will be sold at the theater. 4. Dress up. Fishnets, stilettos and wigs are encouraged. The performance runs Thursday through Saturday until Aug. 4 and on Sundays until July 29. 

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