Who knew another rapper beyond 607 loves Fiona Apple? Everybody’s favorite globe-trotting MC has long called Apple his favorite musician; in fact, she’s been atop his friend list on myspace for damn near ever. Kayne’s love, on the other hand, seems to be more in the “Single White Female” vein. First he nabs Jon Brion, now he’s swiping her video concept. Next, up hanging with David Blaine and making Paul Thomas Anderson movies? Waifishness?

If that didn’t entice you, I’ll be more direct: This is a Kanye West video featuring Zach Galifianakis and Will Oldham. On a tractor. With cows.

Kanye knows the path to the hearts of nerdy white indie-rockers the world over.

In related news, 607 despises Kanye West. I wish the link to his diss track from back in the day on the Under the Ground site wasn’t broken.

g-force unbreaks the link for us. 607 dissing Kanye way back when.