Starting September 22, KABF will kick off a bi-monthly arts, music and film series. The film side of things will screen at Market Street and will include, at least in the beginning, films with some sort of radio theme. Mark Lewis, guitarist for the Moving Front and KABF employee, is organizing the event. He’s given the station a much-needed shot in the arm in his short time on staff, starting up a Kickball radio show, hosting diverse benefits and just generally reaching out to young folk, an obvious demographic for the station that, for unknown reason, has been neglected over the last few years.

Next up for the station: The Moving Front, 607 and the Easys play a benefit at Sticky Fingerz, on Friday, August, 17. Early word is both rock groups will do several songs with 607.

Also, make sure you check out KABF’s newly updated website. Lots of slick features. There’s a forum space, where you can suggest movies for the bi-monthly series.