Since last fall, Memphis rap duo Lord Treadwell and Maurice Eloise XIII have been introducing common folks to what they’re calling “aristocrunk.” Donning 18th-century wigs and ruffled attire, Lord T (Cameron Mann) and Eloise (Robert Anthony) spit tongue-in-cheek lyrics about popping “Pillz” and wearing “Million Dollar Boots.” Mann, who was called the “whitest of white-boy rappers” while enrolled at Tulane University, runs Memphis recording studio Young Avenue Sound, serving artists such as Yo Gotti, Ying Yang Twins, 8Ball & MJG and Al Kapone. Anthony, former editor of the Chattanooga alt-weekly “Outlook,” who is also white, often performs covered in gold paint as Eloise. While their style is gimmicky, even laughable, their quirkiness comes at a time when hip-hop hooks have degenerated to “laffy taffy” and “throw[ing] Ds on that b*tch.” This duo claims to write songs about real life, from playing golf to running self-owned businesses to hanging out with the “who’s who” in the industry. Having earned a featured spot on VH1’s “Best Week Ever,” it appears their weirdness works. Tonight they’ll take the stage at Sticky Fingerz to promote their debut album “Aristocrunk,” which dropped earlier this year. Listen to songs off of the album here. St. Louis soul band Fundamental Elements opens the 9:30 show, which costs $10.