9 p.m. Sticky Fingerz, $10 adv./$12 d.os.

Oklahoman Jason Boland sounds like your typical country-rock crooner. For nearly ten years, he’s been hammering out songs about hard work, hard drinking and honky-tonk heroes, summoning up that dusty old Outlaw spirit. With lyrics like “I’ll be a bourbon legend long after I’m gone” off, it appears he hopes to leave a similar legacy. Having spent time in Texas, his big baritone has a Southern swagger to it. On “Up and Gone” off of his latest album 2006’s “The Bourbon Legend,” you can hear his deep drawl, which has drawn comparisons to Hank Williams Jr. While Boland’s backed by his band, a solid assemblage of pedal steel and slide guitar virtuosos, on the album, for Monday’s show at Sticky Fingerz, he’ll leave the Stragglers behind, opting instead for an acoustic set.


And Shannon Wurst made our Quarterly Report list of “Slept-On Albums in 2007.” What timing! Read more about her here.

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