Camarones Diablo-

Sorry, couldn’t resist the title.  Above is the Camarones Diablo Dinner from El Dorado on Asher.  We decided to have a laid back Saturday night, and given that only one other table was occupied, we made the right choice.  Honestly, I’ve found the place to be hit or miss over the years, but they got this dish right.  I’m not usually impressed with the level of spiciness in this type of dish.  Most places tend to make it for the typical “gringo” palate.  I’m not typical.  But I bit into this bad boy and “Whoah Nelly!”  The cook did not skimp on the hot sauce.  What is in this hellish mix of peppers and sauce anyway?  Plutonium?  I think I heard laughter from the kitchen.  No matter, I ate it all, just had to keep wiping the sweat off my forehead.   I give it three out of four cervezas.  Cause thats how many it took to wash it down.


Feel free to tell us about a spicy and hot dish you like in Arkansas or beyond.