Sorry to leave you Rock Candy-less through the holiday season. I was in Indiana where it snowed occasionally and the computers didn’t work so well. And I was busy dominating at Wii tennis and Excite Truck.

Some things happened over the break: The Munks put out a sturdy new CD called “Sing Dirty Songs.” It’s moody and boozy; an album that definitely warrants repeated listens. The album cover, above, strikes me as more than a little misguided, though. As most locals will recognize, it’s a sketch of the homeless guy who hangs out in Riverdale quite a bit, always filthy, always with headphones.


Localist also put out a new CD, the second volume of its “Locals Only” compilation. I haven’t heard it yet, but it sure looks pretty. Pysch of the South finally released its long in the making Lost Souls Vol. 1: 1960s Garage and Psychedelic Music from the Un-Natural State: Arkansas. You can hear song samples here.

607 didn’t release “Christmas in Arkansas.” He said he was trying to put his “Michael Jackson foot up in this motherf***er” and had a lot of good material that wasn’t great. “One out of 28 [albums] ain’t bad,” he said, which seems like a reasonable ratio of delivering albums to me. Still, to sate his ever-needy fanbase, he’s got “G for Go Getta,” a mixtape based on “V for Vendetta,” for sale now.


Sync blew a great chance to ask a meth addict, “what’s on your ipod?” Still, we’ll always have, “Hey male survivor of breast cancer, what’s on your ipod?” and “Hey, deaf girl, what’s on your iPod?”

The top ten local albums of the year.

What else did I miss?