Mr. Morbid and 607. Photo by Brian Chilson.

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On his way to the Rev Room for the finals of the Musicians Showcase, 607 spun his car into a retaining wall on I-630. Neither he nor his brother and fellow rapper Mr. Morbid were hurt; his car is probably totaled. After dealing with the wreck and recruiting his dad to ride him downtown, 607 arrived at Revolution minutes before he was set to go onstage.

Whether he overcame or built off the adrenaline-shock of the accident, 607 summoned an inspired, kinetic set that led to an impressive and historic win* in the 2008 Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase.
In retrospect this should’ve been obvious: 607 came into the finals with a distinct advantage over the other three hugely talented acts — experience. In less than a decade, the rapper’s released 29 albums and performed thousands of shows. You’d be hard pressed to name a stage in Central Arkansas on which he hasn’t performed or a local act with a broader fan base. In the end, that fan base secured the victory for the rapper. On the judges’ scorecards, the four acts were neck and neck, but in the audience vote, which in the finals counted with equal weight of one judge, 607 won resoundingly.