Here’s a huge thank you to our great group of judges. The four every weekers: Indy Grotto,, Davis Clement and Ben Jones. And our six guest judges: Zach Holland, Belvis the Black Elvis, Will Boyd, Jim Harris and Michael Marion.

And their final commentary.

Indy Grotto.

The spark that won the semifinal for Brian Martin and the Circulators just wasn’t there Friday night.  It was a slow build and by the time they’d settled into that wonderful thing they do, the set was over.  Still, the Circulators were a solid band (and such tasty horn parts!) and there were moments of brilliance that had the crowd kicking up its heels.

Kyoto Boom’s performance was effortless.  Scott Cook is the master of reinvention and man does he have a knack for writing a great hook.  Oh, and his voice IS rock and roll.

Epiphany and One Night Stand must have holed up in some dark rehearsal space since winning the semifinals.   Finals night, they took things to a whole new level.  Gina Gee let loose, Epiphany was magnetic and they both showed why it’s possible to have two big personalities on one stage.  You just can’t fake chemistry like that.  They ended the set with 5 Dollas, one of the finest pop hooks I’ve heard.

But it was 607 and Mr. Morbid who I fell for…hook, line and sinker.  From the pre-show rumors of a car wreck to the obnoxious crowd member who shouted something offensive and was musically berated by 607 to the sparklers at the end of the set, this was rock n roll at its finest.  607 showed that music encompasses all genres and that he is a force to be reckoned with.

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