Linda Caillouet, who writes the “Paper Trails” column in the daily newspaper, today took a break from writing about the grandparents of reality show contestants to rail on 607, the recent winner of our Musicians Showcase.

A FAMILY AFFAIR? The winner of the free weekly newspaper Arkansas Times’ recent Musicians Showcase competition gets to perform at Riverfest in Little Rock during the Memorial Day weekend. The winner? Local rapper 607, known to often grab himself and utter pretty profane profanities. Note to parents of young children — if you’re considering attending this year’s “family festival” with the kiddies, consider yourself warned.

After I spent a few minutes trying to figure “pretty profane profanities” as opposed “really profane profanities” or just “profane profanities,” I settled on “inane inanities” and like actual reporters are known to do, I called 607 to get a reaction. The local rapper said, “Riverfest is going to be totally clean, just like last year.” He’d not gotten a call from Ms. Caillouet, who, if she’d done even a few minutes worth of research, solely in her paper’s archive, could’ve expanded past her caricature pretty easily. He’s been featured in the Style section easily a dozen times in long profiles and stories on the Hip-Hop school, the after school mentoring and teaching program he helps with.

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