A hot mess.

Shew! LR representer Korto Momolu narrowly escaped elimination this week in the  “green challenge.” Let’s count indignities suffered leading up to her near-end.

1. Tim loved her dress (above) until he found out it wasn’t inside out. “You better make it perfect,” he told her after taking a moment to let his wordless horrified look sink in. “Or it’s gonna be a hot mess.”
2. She insinuated to fellow designers that the dude who wears dress shorts constantly was ripping off her design. Nobody agreed. Several finger-wagged.
3. On the runway, courtesy of TVgasm, “The hair is Gloria Estefan in her Sound Machine days and the neckpiece is one of the most dangerous ones I’ve seen. Are those twigs strung together? I think that hurting a tree in a green challenge should get her disqualified. If this model falls, she’s gonna be impaled.”
4. Natalie Portman, guest judging and looking elvish, told her the dress looked inside out.
5. Another judge said it looked like it has fins.
6. Even though she escapes the final two, Korto bawls.


Time for a comeback.