Joel DiPippa is back at the stove.

Continuing on the ways to break down a pork loin for home consumption by a single guy, we now move to a makeshift calzone!

The red sauce from Woo”>the previous entry was sitting in the fridge calling my name. I took about a pound of the pork loin and made a quick fake-sausage by means of a 30-minute marinade with pepper, red pepper flakes, fennel, some salt, garlic, and vinegar.  After mincing the pork by hand (I actually have no food processor or grinder), I browned the “sausage” while preparing the rest of the calzone.  I had picked up a tube of bake-at-home french bread (impulse buy … I wanted to try this improvised calzone idea), and rolled it out a bit thinner than it wanted to be before piling in a respectable amount of sausage, red sauce, and cheese on the oil brushed interior.  After baking nicely, I threw some more cheese on top …

Next in the Woo, Pork series, the veggies return with a vengeance!