Charles Wyrick, who plays guitar in the Boondogs, the Easys, the Libras and Jim Mize and the Germans, blogs, way too infrequently, for Lucky Dog Audio, the boutique sound studio he co-owns.


He’s got a great post up now about his first band, Modern Art (above; that’s Charles on the far right).

This badly needs to be the first of an ongoing series about first bands. Surely, there are  hilarious pictures out there of the Bryan brothers back in Bradley, and somewhere, I’ve probably got early pictures of the first for Isaac Alexander (Boondogs, Big Silver, the Easys) and Rob Bell (the Easys), the Screaming Mimes, who were huge in Searcy when I was growing up.


Here’s Charles on Modern Art:

[W]e were very serious about being a band. First off, we had a look – berets. Yep. We all wore berets. You know, the kind of hats that Claude Monet used to wear. I guess if we had really wanted to sell the idea we would have also worn smocks. But smocks aren’t as cool as berets…


…Conceptually I’d say Modern Art was a new wave band though at the time we thought we were punk. Somehow we’d heard the term “punk” and we knew it was cool. The bands we admired were U2 and The Police. We thought those bands were punk. A year after this picture was taken, I purchased “Never Mind the Bollocks” and realized how un-punk they/we were.