9 p.m., Juanita’s. $10.

Chances are you don’t know who School Boy Humor is. But there are people younger than you who are watching, with great interest, every time SBH, say, posts a video on MySpace of themselves buying water balloons at Wal-Mart and then surreptitiously throwing them at West Little Rock cars, and who, in response to said video, post comments like “Ha yall are amzing =] i love walmart lol.” Those text-speakers attended enough School Boy Humor shows here — and later, once the band got a little ways into their high school years, all across the country — that the band recently signed to Vagrant Records, one of the biggest indie labels around, and, certainly, one of the choicest spots for a young emo-pop band to land. That debut is slated to come out later this summer. Until then, the band is touring hard all across the country, stopping over in Little Rock long enough to, undoubtedly, pack Juanita’s to the brim. It could be your last chance to say you saw them back when.