UALR Percussion Ensemble “Kid A”

7:30 p.m., University Theatre, UALR. Free.


Here’s a sure-fire way to get young folks interested in a University band — bring Radiohead into the mix. Following on the heels of a popular take on Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon,” the UALR Percussion Ensemble takes on Oxford’s finest. It’s not exactly new ground: Several years back, YouTube footage of the University of Arizona marching band doing a medley of Radiohead songs made the rounds online, and the UMass Percussion Ensemble’s cover of “Paranoid Android” was a go-to mixtape track in 2004. Thursday’s performance, which will include songs like “15 Step,” “I Might Be Wrong” and “Kid A,” features an array of instruments — bass, bells, chimes, a drum set, marimbas, tympani, vibraphones. Radiohead’s oddball use of percussion, full of strange blips and stuttering beats, is sure to make for a compelling show. The UALR Trojan Pep Band also performs.