Jordan Atwater

Solo debut: Late 2007


From: Little Rock

Backing group: Bruce Brown (background vocals), Bruce Fouler (drums), Natalie Griffin (bass), Whitney McClinton (dancer), Carl Mouton (keys), Six String (lead guitar), Eric Ware (lead guitar), Heather Webb (dancer and costume designer).


Albums: Last year, she released “Emotional Intelligence,” an album recorded entirely with studio musicians that flirts between pop and soul. In December of this year, she plans to release a follow-up, “Love’s Lost Liner Notes.”

Sounds like: The radio, in a good way.

Multi-tasking: Atwater first came onto the local scene in 2007 with H.A.P.S, (hip-hop, acoustic, pop and soul), an entertainment company that takes a broad approach. Atwater’s directed music videos for the likes of Rockst*r, Epiphany and Elise Davis; H.A.P.S. has hosted a local radio show and a music video TV show, too. She’s currently collaborating with Korto Momolu on a film, “Memoirs of a Fashionista: The Korto Momolu Story,” and organizing a live show, “Pop the Runway.”


Where you’ll find her: At Capitol Keyboard, 7 p.m., Feb. 21, and Juanita’s, March 29.


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