“Fascination” live at the Ameroplace in Fayetteville.

Magic Hassle


Formed: Six months to a year ago by Matt Quin and David Slade during down time for the American Princes, mostly, as a joke, Slade says. The band more fully emerged in the last couple of months with the addition of two more full-time members.

From: Little Rock


Members: Ryan “Straw” Britton (bass), Eric Morris (guitar), Matt Quin (drums), David Slade (guitar, vocals).

Album: They’ve got a three-song tour EP (stream below) and plans to release something else soon-ish. Maybe a split-EP, maybe a full-length.


Sounds like: The American Princes wildin’ out.

Where you’ll find them: All over. So far: Sticky Fingerz, White Water, Vino’s, Juanita’s, the house show in the video in Fayetteville.


“Speed Dealer”

“Fuck Yeah” (Obviously NSFW)