Kris Allen.

The list I told you about two weeks ago turned out to be on the money, save the woman who was disqualified after it was revealed she’d stared in an MTV reality show, released an album on Geffen, recorded a song subsequently covered by Britney Spears and had a “private relationship” with two execs from “Idol’s” production company. The leak couldn’t predict ringers.


But it did get the only contestant we care about, Little Rock native and UCA student Kris Allen, who once again got only a few seconds of air time.

In a break from previous seasons, the next batch of episodes will see contestants split into groups of 12. Each week the top three advance (more specifically, the top male and female and then the next highest vote getter, regardless of sex). Then, in the following week the remaining will battle for three “wild card” picks.  (Or at least that’s how we understand it from our resident “Idol” expert, who, if we can make a blue-screen leap, will soon have the best “American Idol” recap anywhere! Or at least in Little Rock! We’ve got your number Jeremy Baker,  host of “Idol Minds” on Fox 16!)


Our “Idol” expert seems to think this new arrangement is liable to hurt Allen, who’s essentially a faceless contestant at this point. Viewers don’t know anything about him, and therefore might be less likely to text his name in.

But Allen has a friend in Jesus and never underestimate someone who has a friend in Jesus.


You can save your texting strength for a week or two. Allen’s not among the group that’s battling it out next week.