The Chicklettes

Formed: Spring of 2001 after Cindy Sinn and Sophonda Mayhem met in New York in a taxi.


From: Little Rock

Members: Aggro Annie (bass), Sophonda Mayhem (vocals), Cindy Sinn (drums) and  Jessica Strange (guitar).


Sounds like: Subversive Girl Group punk-pop. Or, in their words, “classic ’77 style punk rock with lyrics that are both funny and convey an angry demand for equality and respect for all.” Amen.

Where you’ll find them: Everywhere around town. Traveling gig to gig in a hearse with a vanity license plate that reads “NECRO.” On Sat., they’re playing Circa 76 with What Army and the F-tards. Then, on Fat Tuesday, at White Water, their alter ego, Ace Spade and the Whores of Babylon, shares a bill with Jim Mize.


Little Rock Lyrics Hall of Fame: Put ’em there for “Nitroglycerin Bomb.” Here’s the first verse:

I’m goin’ to the prom with a nitro glycerin bomb 4X

I’m going to decide who is naughty and who’s nice
If you’ve ever crossed me better stay at home tonight
You called me a losser cuz i didnt want to date
Now the fuse is burnin’ and it’s set to detonate

I’m going to the prom with a nitro glycerin bomb
I’m gonna blow away every Harry, Dick, and Tom
I’m going to the prom with a nitro glycerin bomb
I’m blowing up the cheerleaders and burnin’ their pompoms


Don’t you try to stop me cus’ you’ll just get blown away
I am homicidal and that’s how I’m gonna stay
Never gonna get to crown the prom king and the queen
They’re just gonna get a blast of nitro-gylcerin!!


“Nitroglycerin Bomb”